What do you do with nutrition science?

What do you do with nutrition science?

In the food industry, nutritionists are mainly active in product development and quality assurance. Nutritionists can also be responsible for the composition of meals in hospitals or hotels and for ensuring the quality of the meals.

Why study nutrition science?

Why is salad healthier than pizza? The nutritional sciences degree will introduce you to the secrets of human nutrition. The scientifically high level allows you to create well-founded analyzes of the function and interaction of metabolism, food and health.

What can you study in the field of nutrition?

The study of nutritional sciences provides you with knowledge in the fields of food chemistry, nutritional physiology, food law and nutritional medicine. It is closely related to the study of home economics.

Can you study nutrition?

Due to the focus on nutrition, it is not uncommon for you to meet people during your studies who once trained as a dietitian, confectioner, butcher, cook or housekeeper. An advanced course in biology, physics or chemistry is definitely a relief in this scientific course.

What does it take to become a nutritionist?

In order to be allowed to treat as a nutritionist, you have the option of completing a 3-year training course, for example as a dietician. On the other hand, you can take up your dream job with a degree in nutritional science or nutritional science in 6 to 12 semesters.

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