What do you get with a scholarship?

What do you get with a scholarship?

What hardly anyone knows: there are more than 2,300 scholarship providers in Germany. Depending on the requirements, you can receive up to € 1,035 per month with their help during your studies, of which you do not have to pay anything back. Some scholarships even support high school students and postgraduate studies.

How do I get the germany scholarship?

The Germany Scholarship is paid directly to the scholarship holders by the universities. The funding is awarded regardless of income and can also be obtained in addition to BAföG. If sponsors donate more than 150 euros per month for a scholarship, the respective scholarship holder receives

How do I get a scholarship?

Becoming a Scholarship Holder: 10 Tips for Getting a ScholarshipStart your search as early as possible. Search for suitable scholarships in scholarship databases. Apply for all scholarships that match your profile. Don’t miss a deadline. Personalize your application documents. Avoid mistakes in your application. Only send complete application documents.

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