What do you have to be able to do to study business administration?

What do you have to be able to do to study business administration?

You always have to meet the following formal requirements in order to be admitted to the Bachelor in Business Administration: General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or. Subject-related university entrance qualification or. Technical college entrance qualification (Fachabitur) or. A comparable school-leaving certificate or. A specific professional qualification.

Is an economics degree right for me?

Business administration is not easy for everyone, but what course is that. As in any other course, you have to do something yourself in order to achieve good results. Most students find the math courses particularly difficult. But with motivation and interest, you can do anything.

What can you do with an economics degree?

5. Career fields for business administration graduates 5.1 Purchasing and procurement. 5.2 Management and Corporate Governance. 5.3 Human Resources. 5.4 Distribution and Sales. 5.5 Marketing and Advertising.

What’s the point of studying?

Studying is fun Getting to know new people, partying extensively, spending a semester abroad – you will never have as much freedom and free time as during your studies. It is not for nothing that many adults describe their student days as one of the best in life.

Is it better to have an education?

Deciding between training and studying is not easy. While a degree generally offers you better career prospects, an apprenticeship will make you financially independent more quickly.

How hard is an apprenticeship?

The start of working life can be very strenuous for trainees. From clerk to mechanic, in retail or on the construction site: no two apprenticeships are the same. The burdens that prospective trainees face are very different.

Is studying an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship in a company with attendance at a vocational school). Studying at a university is also fundamentally part of vocational training and the study costs are therefore part of the special expenses if the study is the first vocational training (BMF, letter from

Is an apprenticeship an educational qualification?

In principle, however, you do not need a (specific) school-leaving certificate in order to be able to start dual vocational training. So if you successfully complete your training in a recognized training occupation without a secondary school certificate, you will also be awarded the secondary school certificate with the vocational qualification.

Can you study with a completed apprenticeship?

Studying without a high school diploma is possible if you have successfully completed vocational training and several years of professional experience, or before you are admitted to the course, the university may require you to pass an aptitude test, an aptitude interview or a trial study.

Where can I find an apprenticeship now?

How to find an in-company training place: Get in touch with careers advice: Use the AzubiWelt app to search for training places online: Find out about the situation on the training market: Be flexible if there are no training places in your region: Start looking early :

What should be considered during the training?

The checklist at the start of trainingTax identification number.Giro account.Social security card.Health insurance and health card.Certificate of membership in the health insurance company.Health certificate.Police certificate of good conduct.School reports.

How much do you earn in training?

On average, trainees receive 1040 euros in the first year of training. In the second year, the salary increases to 1120 euros, in the third to 1180 euros and in the fourth year to up to 1270 euros gross per month.

How do I prepare for the training?

Tips: How to get your apprenticeship off to a good start!Tip 1: Find out about the dress code in your company! Tip 2: Plan your commute carefully and be on time! Tip 3: Be polite and friendly! Tip 4: Show interest in your training company and your apprenticeship! Tip 5: Observe the processes in the company!

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