What do you have to be able to do to study computer science?

What do you have to be able to do to study computer science?

Suitable courses are, for example, web science, business informatics, technical informatics, bioinformatics or similar. SAP knowledge, technological understanding and analytical skills are prerequisites; communication skills, creative problem-solving and patience are also helpful.

What does computer science have to do with math?

Can you study computer science without much knowledge of mathematics? In order to be able to successfully complete a computer science degree, it is not necessary to have taken part in an advanced course in mathematics at the level of study.

Why is computer science so difficult?

One reason why studying computer science is difficult for some people and not for others is often the amount of individual prior knowledge. Programming and mathematics are a very big hurdle in computer science studies, especially at the beginning.

Is studying harder than high school?

Even when you’re studying, you don’t just study what’s fun. School was a lot harder for me than studying, but looking back I definitely found studying at university much harder. In terms of the material, the amount and the requirements, school and Abi is a piece of cake compared to studying at university.

How difficult is the bachelor’s degree?

But more than ten years later, the bachelor’s degree is still difficult. Most students want to add a master’s degree because they think it will give them better chances on the job market. The bachelor’s degree was intended to be a full degree that should lead graduates quickly into their profession.

How hard is business administration really?

Yes, like any other course, studying business administration is difficult from a student’s point of view. It is an extreme adjustment to start studying. But once you have survived this, the business administration degree is super exciting and not as difficult as you think.

How difficult is the economics degree?

How difficult is an economics degree? The economics course is linked to special challenges for first-year students. The proximity to mathematics and large economic contexts, including the associated complex and often abstract questions, do not exactly simplify the course.

How hard is it to study mechanical engineering?

The biggest hurdle when starting a mechanical engineering degree does not necessarily seem to be the content. Many students have difficulties getting used to learning and working through the material on their own after school, especially in the beginning. The transition is therefore particularly difficult for them.

How difficult is the automotive engineering course?

Subjects such as mechanics, design methodology, physics, mathematics and computer science take up most of this time. Since the course is very demanding, anyone who wants to study automotive engineering should have a good knowledge of math and physics.

How difficult is the electrical engineering degree?

Studying electrical engineering can be difficult. When I was studying electrical engineering, many of my fellow students dropped out in the first semester. They were totally disappointed because they had imagined something completely different when they studied electrical engineering.

What can you do when you have studied mechanical engineering?

The mechanical engineering course prepares you for a wide range of activities. As a mechanical engineer, you work on the idea, draft, calculation, design, construction, optimization, research and development, production and sale of machines and technical systems.

What can you do after studying mechanical engineering?

Planning and project planning.Research and development.Construction.Installation and maintenance of systems.Vehicle construction.Sales.Marketing.Consulting.

Why do I want to study mechanical engineering?

Reason No. 1 for studying mechanical engineering A mechanical engineering degree opens up a wide range of careers, from automobile construction to plant construction. During your studies, you can then find out about an interesting industry within the framework of internships and theses.

How can you study mechanical engineering?

The requirements for studying mechanical engineering differ depending on the university. Universities require the Abitur or the subject-specific higher education entrance qualification. You can also study mechanical engineering at technical colleges with the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

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