What do you learn in school as a medical assistant?

What do you learn in school as a medical assistant?

At the vocational school, trainees to become medical assistants can expect the following subjects, among others: Basics of health care. Measures of practice hygiene. Basics of goods procurement. Biology. Chemistry. Mathematics. German.

How long does medical assistant training take?

As a rule, the training lasts 3 years, but can be shortened to 2-2.5 years with good performance.

Who is considered a high earner?

How much do you earn? According to a study by the German Economic Institute, anyone who earns more than 3,440 euros net as a single person belongs to the upper class in Germany.

How much does an average German earn per month?

3,994 euros. If you look at all employees in Germany, i.e. also all employees working part-time or in marginal employment, the average salary in the same year was around 3,099 euros per month. The average monthly net income of all employees was 2,079 euros.5 days ago

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