What do you mean by short circuit?

What do you mean by short circuit?

An electrical short is an almost resistance-free connection between the two poles of an electrical voltage source, or more generally two circuit points, usually at different potentials, which causes the voltage between these parts to drop to a value close to zero.

How does a short circuit occur simply explained?

Short-circuit current occurs when there is no electrical resistance in a closed circuit. A short circuit occurs when the power lines or cable have become defective or there is a switching error.

What are the consequences of a short circuit?

As a result, the electrical current can increase so much that the conductors heat up. This is also referred to as short-circuit current. This can result in fire and other consequential damage to the device. In order to avoid the excessive current, fuses are installed in the circuits.

What happens if the battery is short-circuited?

Incidentally, the high current is accompanied by the collapse of the electrical voltage at the voltage source: the voltage drops to almost zero volts. A short-circuit in a battery is therefore not really dangerous, but the battery will be discharged within a short time. That made her worthless.

What happens if there is a short circuit in the circuit?

If there is a short circuit, the device in question will not work. The electrical resistance in the circuit decreases. The electrical current can become so high that the conductors heat up and fire or other consequential damage can result.

What happens if I connect the battery incorrectly?

The risk that you have shot the control unit is not small. If the battery is incorrectly connected, the voltage regulator will almost certainly die. As a result, the battery will no longer be charged, even when the engine is running.

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