What do you mean by?

What do you mean by?

Until without any additions always means “up to and including”. But if the officer or the boss stop working at 2 p.m., the sentence means until 2 p.m. that day. “Until” always means inclusive.

What does submission mean by?

If it means handing in by 1.5. then that means that this is the last submission date .. so the last day on which you can submit it. on 1.5. you have to hand it in at the latest.

What does until Wednesday mean?

Until Wednesday, so until this point in time. Not earlier, not beyond, but until that was exactly. So it was until Wednesday.

Why is Wednesday not a day?

Have you ever wondered why six days of the week end in -tag, only Wednesday not? A cultural-historical explanation is that in the Christian and Jewish calendar the week begins on Sunday and therefore the middle of the week is reached on Wednesday.

Is up to and including?

In German usage it is common practice that you still have time off on May 8th. When specifying times with to, everyone understands that up to and including is meant.

What does until Friday mean?

means in normal usage that z. B. a letter or a presentation must be received by midnight on the specified day at the latest. So there can only be sanctions on / from Saturday.

What does friday mean?

Why Friday is called Friday Just like Tuesday and Thursday, Friday has nothing to do with the German word that contains its name. Rather, the day is dedicated to the Germanic goddess Frija (Frigg), the patroness of marriage and motherhood.

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