What do you need as a foreigner to study in Germany?

What do you need as a foreigner to study in Germany?

To study in Germany, you need a university entrance qualification that would also allow you to study in your home country. Secondary degrees include High School Diploma, Matura, A-Levels, Bachillerato. This applies to applicants from EU countries.

Can I apply to a university if I am still enrolled?

you can apply but you cannot be enrolled at two universities. so you have to be de-registered as soon as you want to matriculate at the other. does not have to be done beforehand. do not de-register beforehand, afterwards you will not get the place and then you will be there!

What happens if you are enrolled at two universities?

Students can only be enrolled at one university. If the chosen course of study requires simultaneous study at several universities, the student enrolls at one university and receives the status of visiting student at the other university or universities. “

Can I apply for several courses at the university?

If several applications for admission are submitted to the same university, only the one that was received last during the application period is valid. However, parallel applications at several universities are possible. However, you can only enroll or enroll at one university.

Can you apply for several courses at the University of Hamburg?

It is possible to apply for a maximum of three parallel courses at the University of Hamburg using the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV).

How often can you apply for the same degree program?

You can apply once per semester. But every semester. If you are rejected, you will receive a “waiting semester” with your application in the next semester.

How often can you register?

You can only be enrolled for one course at a time. However, there is nothing to prevent you from attending lectures that are “unrelated to the subject”, for example if you want to change. You are confusing applying with registered mail. You can only be enrolled once, you can apply more often.

When are you enrolled at a university?

When am I enrolled? It says yes, two to three weeks after you have applied, you will receive the certificate of enrollment and then you can enroll at another university.

How often can I register?

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