What do you need for a high school diploma to study law?

What do you need for a high school diploma to study law?

As a formal requirement for studying law, you need a certain grade point average in your Abitur in order to achieve the required NC. The latter varies from year to year, but in the case of law it usually ranges between 1.3 and 2.9.

Is law school really that hard?

Word has already gotten around outside of the universities and examination offices, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it again, since many haven’t heard it yet: studying law is one of the most difficult courses of all!

Which course has the highest failure rate?

The failure rates were particularly low among physicians and student teachers, and highest among students in technical subjects. In the field of chemical engineering and chemical technology, 1 examinations ended without a degree, in energy technology 118 and in materials science 117.

What is the most difficult course of study in Germany?

Medicine. Medicine is at the forefront of the most difficult courses. Law. Alongside medicine, law is right at the top of the list of the most difficult courses. Mechanical engineering. Pharmacy. Psychology.

Is medicine right for me?

The Austrian medical admission test MedAT is not an aptitude test for the medical profession, but a study aptitude test: It tells you how likely it is that you will successfully complete your medical studies within a reasonable period of time.

Which degree is right for me Employment Agency?

With Check-U to the right course of study With Check-U – the exploration tool, you can better assess your abilities, your social skills, your interests and your professional preferences. The tool shows you which fields of study exactly match your talents. Take some time and try it out!

Which job suits me Employment Agency?

With the career choice test (BWT) you can find out how well suited you are for your dream job. You cannot take the test online. Ask your careers advice service, they can register you for the test with the Occupational Psychology Service.

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