What do you need for an internship portfolio?

What do you need for an internship portfolio?

You should state your name, address, matriculation number, degree program and semester. Also the company and job title. The internship period and finally the submission date should be included at the bottom of the cover sheet. Make sure that the page remains clear despite the large amount of information.

How can I write a good final report on my internship?

What belongs in the summary of the internship – and what not? What did you particularly like about your internship? What could you do about this internship in the future (e.g. what did you learn during the internship and what did you already know? Was the work rather demanding for you or did you often get bored?

What is the best way to write a daily report?

Conclusion: 5 tips for writing a daily report Describe the activities and experiences that you made on one day in their chronological order. Leave out unimportant information. Use the technical terms you’ve learned, but explain them briefly so that an outsider can understand them.

What to write in the introduction to an internship report?

The aim of the introduction in your internship report is to formulate introductory thoughts on your internship report. These include, for example: your motivation for choosing the internship, your own previous experience, the application process and your expectations of your internship.

How do I best do an interview?

Ask only one question at a time and give your interviewee enough time to answer. Maintain eye contact and signal attention. Use mainly open-ended questions (“W” questions; see info box “Types of questions” below) to encourage your interlocutor to talk.

What is a semi-structured interview?

The semi-structured interview is one of the qualitative research methods. Some of the questions asked are set beforehand by the interviewer. The order in which the questions are asked is flexible and the respondents can answer completely freely.

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