What do you need for an online application?

What do you need for an online application?

The order of your application documents for an online application does not differ from the order in the classic application folder: cover letter, cover sheet, curriculum vitae, motivation letter and / or a project list (optional) Attachments: references and certificates.

In which order attachments application?

Order of your documents in the application folder, cover letter (may or may not), curriculum vitae. “Third page” / “About me” page, performance record or letter of motivation. Credentials (school / studies / training) Certificates / attestations (e.g. internship and job references.

What should a good application look like?

The application folder must contain the cover letter, curriculum vitae and certificates. If necessary, a cover sheet can be inserted at the beginning, on which the applicant’s most important data (name, address, e-mail, telephone) can be seen in addition to the application photo.

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