What do you need for basic training?

What do you need for basic training?

What you should definitely bring to the AGA? Notice of invitation. Voucher (s) to buy a ticket or, if you have used the voucher (s), the voucher section above. Proof of your insurance number in the statutory pension insurance (if not presented at the time of the inspection ) More entries …

How much do you earn in basic training?

This corresponds to a starting salary of EUR 1,920.04 gross per month. After completing basic training, soldiers receive their first promotion to private. This gives them a surcharge of 34.26 euros on their wages, they then receive 1954.30 euros gross per month.

Can you just do the basic training?

4 answers. If you ask the question like that – no, you can’t. Apart from the fact that the designation “AGA” (general basic training) is out of date, it is now only called “GA”, i.e. basic training.

When does basic training always start?

Basic training Recruits hired from April 1st at the earliest stay at home subject to certain conditions and start their basic training on June 1st at the earliest, ”explained the Chief Medical Officer.

How often can you go home in basic training?

In order to be able to go home in the Bundeswehr basic training at the weekend, you first have to put a certain amount of time behind you. It is customary that you are not allowed to drive home in the first month of the Bundeswehr basic training weekend, but stay at the office.

When does the Bundeswehr training start?

Officer candidates begin their training once a year on July 1; the application deadline is four months beforehand.

Can I join the armed forces at any time?

Application deadlines and recruitment dates There is no special application deadline for the career paths of team, sergeant and sergeant; an application is possible all year round.

Until when can you apply to the Bundeswehr?

Anyone who is at least 17 years old can apply to the Bundeswehr. Minors need the consent of their parents or legal guardians for this. The maximum age up to which one can join the federal government is 29 years for an officer career and up to 50 years, depending on the area of ​​activity.

What kind of degree do you need for a soldier?

Young adults with a school leaving certificate (secondary school leaving certificate, secondary school leaving certificate, high school diploma) and university graduates can apply for this. Also career changers with professional experience are welcome in the Bundeswehr.

How much does a soldier earn?

Salary examples for unmarried soldiers in gross: Corporal (A 4 – level 1): 2,189.57 euros. Sergeant (A 7 – level 2): ​​2,439.86 euros. Lieutenant (A 9 – Level 2): ​​2,789.33 euros. Hauptmann (A 11 – level 3): 3,675.26 euros.

What do I have to do to become a professional soldier?

Entry into the free democratic basic order according to § 37 Soldiers Act. Physical, mental and character suitability for the relevant career. Best performance as a temporary soldier or as an officer candidate to be appointed as a professional soldier. Willingness to work domestically and abroad …

Can you still apply to the Bundeswehr at the age of 50?

In order to get the best overview of the age requirements for your respective career aspirations, you should take a look at the German Bundeswehr age limit in the respective job description. In principle, however, it is not impossible to join the Bundeswehr at the age of 50.

Am I still a reservist?

By law, the reservist no longer belongs to the group of persons available under military law at the end of the month in which he has reached the age of 65. This means that engagement (assignment, exercise) in the Bundeswehr with soldier status is no longer possible.

Can you still join the armed forces at 32?

Re: When you are too old to be hired for the Bundeswehr, you can only be hired before you reach the age of 32.

Can you still join the armed forces at 34?

Answer: At the age of 34 still in the Bundeswehr ??? If you are employed in the Bundeswehr at “advanced age”, you have to consider a few things: 1. Currently, the special age limit for professional soldiers in the rank of non-commissioned officer is 55 years (Section 44, Paragraph 2, No. 5, Soldiers Act)!

Can you still join the armed forces at 28?

Your job is not a qualification that can be used in the Bundeswehr (usually a three-year dual vocational training course). The maximum age limit for the careers Uffz, Fw and Offz, completion 29 years old, applies to you. There is no maximum age limit in the Msch career.

Can I still join the armed forces when I am 35?

You can of course apply for a team career without professional prerequisites with a standard commitment period of 4 years or, if you have a job that can be used in the armed forces, also for a non-commissioned officer or sergeant in the general service.

When do you retire with the Bundeswehr?

Civil servants for life in the fire service of the Federal Armed Forces retire at the end of the month in which they reach the age of 62 (Section 51 (3) BBG). Here, too, transitional regulations apply to those born between 1952 and 1963.

What is the pension of a professional soldier?

The amount of the pension is 1.79375 percent of the pensionable salary per year of pensionable service. The maximum pension for professional soldiers can be 71.75 percent.

Does the military service count towards the pension?

The military service times are assessed as contribution times. If you are exempt from statutory pension insurance as a civil servant, you will be required to take out a pension for the duration of (voluntary) military or community service.

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