What do you put in a glossary?

What do you put in a glossary?

A glossary has two columns. The terms that should be printed in bold are located to the left. To the right of this are the respective explanations. A glossary can be used for the following terms: foreign words, technical terms, proper names, dates and events.

How is an informative text written?

Compose the informative text as follows: Note the three-part structure: Introduction: Presentation of the topic. Main part: Presentation of the information. Conclusion: Summary of the most important aspects. Write factually and neutrally. Write in the present tense. Avoid colloquial language and your own opinion.

How can you write a factual text?

Write briefly and clearly along a common thread (or your outline) and get the precise and unambiguous information to the point. You should avoid empty phrases or filler sentences in a factual text. Only use foreign words that are part of the general vocabulary – if in doubt, explain them briefly.

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