What do you say at the registry office?

What do you say at the registry office?

Declaration of the registrar The registrar therefore declares (ascertaining) “that you are now legally affiliated spouses” (§ 1312 BGB).

What can you say for the speech at the registry office?

Address of the registrar. Ask the bride and groom if they would like to marry each other. Ring exchange and kiss. Signatures from the bride, groom, best man and the registrar.

What does the registrar ask at the wedding ceremony?

Now it comes to the most important part of the wedding ceremony: The registrar asks the wedding couple to stand up and asks them individually whether they would like to marry the partner present. After the bride and groom have said yes – we are now assuming – the officer declares the couple to be husband and wife.

What should the registrar say?

Either the registrar will say a few words about you or maybe you have a good friend whom you can ask for a little talk. If the registrar has to say a few personal words about you, there is usually another appointment where you can tell him something about you.

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