What do you write about language skills in your résumé?

What do you write about language skills in your résumé?

The following information on language skills is recommended in the CV: basic knowledge, confident in conversations or good knowledge, fluent, confident in negotiations, native language.

Will the resume be checked?

The curriculum vitae is checked. The check also includes a comparison of the curriculum vitae with the attached certificates and – in the event of inconsistencies – a check at the specified university to determine whether the information regarding the qualifications is correct.

Is it a punishable offense to lie on your résumé?

Incorrect information can lead to termination and can also be punishable by law. If, after joining the company, it turns out that you have deceived yourself by lying on your résumé or during an interview, you run the risk of being dismissed without notice.

What options does the employer have if he is deliberately lied to in the interview?

The boss finds out that his employee lied in the application. The labor law column explains that you can only terminate if you can prove a lie. Lies are publicly taboo in the application documents.

Can my new employer see my old salary?

Re: Can new AG see old salary? The new employer doesn’t need anything. If the income threshold is exceeded, the social security will report automatically.

Can the new employer see where I’ve worked before?

Your new employer will ask you where you have already been employed, but they cannot see that from the certificate. He has the full right to inspect files at the employment office. In addition, you should have specified relevant information in the applications.

What data does the new employer receive?

The new employee must present the following documents and data so that he can be registered: His tax identification number. the social security card. Proof of parenthood, if not evident from the child allowance – due to long-term care insurance surcharge for childless people.

What data does the employer need from me?

Employees only have to inform the employer of their tax identification number and date of birth and whether it is a main or part-time employment. With this information, the employer can call up all the data necessary for the wage tax deduction. The income tax card existed until 2013.

What data does the tax office get from the employer?

Your employer needs your tax identification number, your date of birth and information on whether it is your main or part-time employment.

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