What do you write about nationality?

What do you write about nationality?

Even if you write the whole thing down in key words in a profile, you work with the adjective. So citizenship / nationality: German.

What is the difference between nationality and citizenship?

In this use of the term, nationality (English nationality, French nationalité) is a synonym for citizenship or citizenship, the latter in domestic law, especially in Western Europe. In this respect, the nation-state is mostly populated by people of the same nationality.

What is meant by nationality?

Nationality means belonging to a state (“citizenship”).

Who can have dual citizenship?

If a child has a German and a foreign parent and was born in Germany, the child automatically has German citizenship and that of the foreign parent, provided that the second country also allows dual citizenships.

Can you have dual citizenship?

German citizenship law knows different ways of acquiring German citizenship (§ 4 StAG). According to the basic concept of this law, dual nationality, which the law describes as multiple nationality, is therefore possible, but not intended as a rule.

As a German, can you have dual citizenship?

In principle, German citizenship is lost if you apply for naturalization in another country. Dual citizenship in a non-EU country or Switzerland is only possible if the application for retention was granted before acquiring the second citizenship.

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