What do you write in a discussion?

What do you write in a discussion?

The discussion part is the part of your work where you compare your findings, arguments and facts and draw conclusions. As part of the discussion, you write a kind of summary of your chapters with the aim of answering the research question and justifying your opinion.

What do you write in the introduction of a scientific paper?

In the introduction you introduce the readers to the topic; give a brief overview of the most important literature that you have used (state of research or define the goal of your work; explain the path that leads you to this goal ( Method reflection). Further entries … •

How do I find a topic for housework?

Finding a homework topic: The eight-point plan Enter bullet points on Wikipedia, in an internet search engine and in the search function of your university library to find further literature.

How do you write a good term paper?

Important tips for writing a term paper Sort and write down sources well. Pre-structure information in good time. The reasoning must be conclusive. Add your own thoughts – clearly mark outside thoughts.

Can you quote in the introduction?

In the introduction the statements are still quite general; You formulate in your own words what your work will be about. Although you will roughly classify your work in the research context, you will not go into detail yet. Extensive verbatim quotations have no place here.

What do you write in the introduction of a term paper?

When writing the introduction to the term paper, phrases like: “With this work I am pursuing three goals …” or “The aim of this work is …” will help you. Don’t hide behind passive constructions. Better to write: “In the following work I examine …” instead of “is examined …”

What do you write in the introduction to a discussion?

The text-based discussion The following should be mentioned in the introduction: author of the text, title, date and type of text. Then briefly describe what the text is about. In the main part you go back to your thesis argumentatively and choose arguments, reasons and examples.

How do I write a term paper for school?

Structure of a term paper Cover sheet Table of contents (chapter headings, appendices, page numbers) List of abbreviations Quotation (optional, should introduce or summarize your topic) Introduction Main part (theory and analysis) Conclusion (conclusion and outlook) Bibliography.

How do you start a summary?

Divide the text into sections of meaning. Write an introduction to the abstract: title of the text, author, place of publication, date and type of text. Write the main part of the summary: answer W-questions. Write the end of the summary: describe the effect, contribute your own opinion on the text.

What’s in the main part?

The main part tells the core of the story, namely what happens. It must be exciting and contain all the information. Literal speech can also be used. The main part contains the climax of a story.

How do I write a good body?

When writing the main part, you combine the introduction and the conclusion by explaining in detail what was necessary to answer the research question, how this was done, what results came to light and also define necessary theoretical aspects (Karmasin & Ribing 2014: 29).

What comes in the end?

A conclusion is an evaluative summary that presents your entire work again. Conclusion comes from the Latin facit and means “it results” or “it does”. The conclusion of your bachelor thesis provides an evaluative summary of what was previously written. It is at the end of a bachelor thesis.

How can you summarize a text well?

Summarize the text Proceed as follows to summarize the text: Create sections of meaning. Find headings for the meaningful sections and add further bullet points to the plot. Then start with the introductory sentence, in which you state the title, the text type and the name of the author (TAT).

How can you summarize a short story?

Summarizing a short story or a dramatic text has an immediate beginning – without an introduction. has an open ending that doesn’t solve the problems; often presents characters with no names. presents an everyday problem of people. has simple language.

What does sum up mean?

Summarizing makes it possible to understand a material and to briefly grasp what is essential in it.

How can you summarize a book?

When writing a summary, make sure that you: write in the present tense, use factual language (no evaluations), formulate short and understandable sentences, divide the text into meaningful paragraphs, do not use quotations or direct speech.

How do I present a book?

Of course, in order to be able to present a book, you first have to read the entire book. Gather information about the book such as title, author, and publisher. But above all, you have to reproduce the content. Mention why you chose this particular book and give reasons for your opinion.

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