What do you write in a letter of motivation for a scholarship?

What do you write in a letter of motivation for a scholarship?

Sample letter of motivation for a scholarship The letter of motivation should be sent in letter format. It should contain personal information. It should explain the motivation to study. It is meant to explain why you would like to have a scholarship without just talking about financial support.

When do you get a scholarship?

Both first-year students and students in higher semesters can apply. Outstanding achievements: You have the best chances of receiving a Germany Scholarship if you can show very good school grades. These are an important point of reference for your talent (high school graduation grade, intermediate results of studies).

How can I award a scholarship?

Germany. In Germany you usually have to apply for a scholarship to a foundation that promotes talented students. Some of the largest organizations for the promotion of talented students receive funding from the BMBF to support their scholarship holders.

How much is the scholarship?

The basic grant is a maximum of 735 euros per month. Each scholarship holder also receives EUR 300 book allowance. As with Bafög, the amount of the basic scholarship depends on the financial background of the parents, savings or part-time jobs.

How much do you get with the germany scholarship?

According to the latest federal statistics from the Federal Statistical Office (Fachserie 11, Reihe 4.6), a total of 19,740 (2012: 13,896) Germany scholarships had been awarded by the end of 2013. This means an increase of 42 percent compared to the previous year.

Can you get more than one scholarship?

In principle, scholarships from the Studienstiftung, KAS, Cusanuswerk and Co. cannot be combined in any way. In some cases and after consultation with the respective foundations, double funding is possible, but you will only ever receive financial support from one organization that supports the gifted.

Can you get BAfög and a scholarship?

Scholarships (and BAföG) (§§ 2 Paragraph 6 No. Scholarship holders of the gifted support organizations are excluded from BAföG. Those who receive another scholarship can generally receive BAföG, but under certain circumstances the scholarship is offset as income against the BAföG requirement.

What does a scholarship mean for me?

Scholarship: a definition The word scholarship comes from Latin and denotes the – mostly financial – support of a schoolchildren, student, artist, athlete or scientist. Scholarships are an essential element in promoting talented students.

What can you get a scholarship for?

A scholarship is financial support for students that does not have to be repaid. This makes it the best source of money a student can imagine. Scholarships are awarded by organizations promoting talented students, foundations, companies, universities and other institutions.

What do I have to do for a scholarship?

You can receive money for every course and section, regardless of whether you are working on your bachelor’s, master’s, state examination or doctorate. Some scholarships even support high school students and postgraduate studies.

What does a scholarship bring me?

Financial support is an essential component of a scholarship: it is intended to make life and career a little easier for the scholarship holders who deserve and / or need it. Many scholarship holders depend on this money without being able to afford to study or do a doctorate.

Who pays a scholarship?

The Germany Scholarship is 300 euros per month. Private sponsors such as companies, foundations, alumni and other private individuals take on 150 euros of this. The federal government pays the other 150 euros. The Germany scholarship is paid directly to the scholarship holders by the universities.

When do I have to repay the scholarship?

The completion of the funded studies must be submitted to the scholarship office no later than 12 months after the last payment. Otherwise, the entire graduation grant must be repaid.

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