What do you write in a letter?

What do you write in a letter?

The following four things are important in a personal letter: Letterhead (place and date) Salutation (Hello Mom, dear Sandra / Hi Paul.) Text of the letter (actual message / content) Closing of the letter. with a greeting (love/ see you soon/ yours) and signature (Paul/ Lea/ grandson Leo)

What is a personal letter?

A personal letter conveys information of a private individual in written form. The personal relationship between sender and receiver plays an important role.

How much does a letter cost?

LetterFormatPricesWeightStandard€0.80 1) Print stamp 2)up to 20 gCompact€0.95 1) Print stamp 2)up to 50 gLarge€1.55 1) Print stamp 2)up to 500 gMaxi€2.70 1) Print stamp 2)up to 1,000 g

Why do you write a letter?

A letter reflects, if the writer allows it, his state of mind. The reader recognizes it by the typeface, the words and the mood of the letter. It’s not for nothing that the saying goes that you have to read between the lines!

How do you start writing a letter?

The sender’s details (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) are on the left of the letterhead. The place and date the letter was written is written on the right side of the letterhead. This is followed by the details of the recipient of the letter.

What should a letter look like?

The sender’s address is at the top left. Enter the address of the recipient at the bottom right. place stamps or other type of franking in the upper right corner. No sticky notes or imprints that could be confused with postal labels or imprints should be placed on the envelope.

How are the distances in a letter?

Each line begins at a distance of 2.5 cm from the left edge of the sheet. Left margin: 2.5 cm, right margin: 2 cm (but at least 1.5 cm), margin at top: 4.5 cm, margin at bottom: 2.5 cm. A gap of one blank line must be maintained between the individual paragraphs in the letter.

How much space between subject and salutation?

The date is followed by 2 blank lines and the subject. The subject always gets 2 blank lines above and below. The subject is followed by 2 blank lines and then the salutation (“Dear Mr….”).

Where does the address field start?

The address field is exactly 40 mm (4.0 cm) high and 85 mm (8.5 cm) wide. The address field begins 20 mm (2 cm) from the left edge of the sheet. It should be noted that the text starts at the vanishing line (25 mm, 2.5 cm).

How high does the address have to be?

A size of 40 x 85 mm is available for the address field (i.e. the part that appears in the window of your envelope) (plus 5 mm for the return information, i.e. the sender’s address above the recipient’s address). It is placed with a distance of 27 mm to the upper (Form A) or

How to correctly write the address on a letter?

In the address field, make sure that your letter is delivered correctly by the post office…. The following structure applies to variant 2:Description of the management position.Organization, e.g. B. Company, institution, authority.Salutation (“Ms.” or “Mr.”) and name of the recipient.Street and house number or post box.Postal code and city.

When do you write on your hands?

It is important that the abbreviation for “for the attention of” comes directly before the name of the person who is to receive the letter. When naming PO Boxes, the street and house number need not be given.

How to write on hands

Although most people use email today, printed letters and documents are still being sent. To authorities or companies or between companies in the form of business letters. So that the official letter ends up with the correct recipient, there is the abbreviation “to the attention of” (or “to the attention of

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