What do you write in a reflection?

What do you write in a reflection?

Formal and structure of a reflectionIntroductory sentence: Most important key data at a glance (date, place, participants, naming of the situation)Introduction: Summary of the situation (extension of the introductory sentence, important information) Main part: Conclusion: Closing sentence:

What can you reflect on?

A reflection is not about describing a process, but about dealing with the content, the knowledge acquired, the decisions made as well as the goals and expectations and evaluating the situation critically, examining and comparatively.

What does self-reflect mean?

Self-reflection is the act of thinking about yourself. This means analyzing and questioning your thoughts, feelings and actions with the aim of finding out more about yourself.

Why is self-reflection so important?

Self-reflection is important in order to: act/decide more consciously in the future; to be more aware of our strengths and to use them purposefully; knowing our weaknesses and working on them.

What is extraneous reflection?

External reflection is about a joint reflection with other people who accompany the reflection process. That means it’s about thinking and talking, for example about lessons.

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