What do you write in a reflection?

What do you write in a reflection?

Formal and structure of a reflection Introductory sentence: Most important key data at a glance (date, place, participants, description of the situation) Introduction: Summary of the situation (extension of the introductory sentence, important information) Main part: Conclusion: Final sentence:

How do you create an interview guide?

Creation of an interview guideThe questions must be clearly asked so that they cannot be misinterpreted. Questions must be asked individually and must not be bundled. Questions must be asked in everyday language. Questions must be open-ended. Further entries …

What is an interview guide?

An interview guide is a structuring aid for a qualitative interview. It contains the intended topic blocks and questions for the interview and can be made available to the interview partner in advance for preparation.

What questions can I ask as an employer during the interview?

7 questions to ask in an interview What do you think a good company owes its employees? What trends do you think will affect our company? If we were to hire you, what would you say would be a reason for not staying with this position or the company?

What questions can you ask a manager?

Questions about the boss Do you enjoy working here and what do you particularly like about the company? What motivates you personally to do a good job? What does leadership mean to you and what characterizes your leadership style? Which professional experience has shaped you the most?

What questions can you ask a man?

You could ask men these interesting questions: Does anyone know that you are on a date right now? Do you speak to women a lot? Where and with whom do you see yourself in 10 years? How often have you been on dates lately? How do you know that you are in love?

What questions can you ask a boy?

Simple questions for guys to get to know What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have hobbies? And if so, which ones? Do you like to go to the cinema? Do you have a favorite film? Who is your favorite actor? What is your favorite song and for what reason? What genre of music do you like? When is your birthday?

What questions to ask on Tinder?

Part 1 – introductory questions to get to know each other better If you could choose from all the people in the world, who would you like to invite to dinner? Would you like to be famous? Do you ever come up with the words before you call someone? What makes a “perfect” day for you?

Which questions do women find interesting?

More Interesting Questions to Ask a Woman Who is the person who makes you laugh the most? Which actress do you admire most? If I were at your home in your bedroom and looked under your bed, what would I see? Who are your most important people in your life right now?

What questions on a date?

Connecting questions: What does a perfect relationship look like for you? What does the perfect Saturday look like for you in a relationship? What does family mean to you? What is important to you in a partner? When was the last time you cried in front of other people?

What questions about online dating?

10 questions to get to know during online dating How did you get into your extraordinary hobby? Which music would you like to start dancing with immediately? Which leisure activity would be an absolute no-go for you? What food can you enjoy?

What do you have to look out for when dating online?

What should women consider so that online dating is a success … Be positive! Men are attracted to open, positive women. Pick an interesting nickname. A nice profile picture. An appealing text. Don’t waste your time. Go on a search yourself. Signal serious intentions. Arrange a personal meeting as soon as possible.

What should you do on the first date?

You shouldn’t show up too early or too late. For most women, punctuality on the first date is a top priority because it can make the first positive impression. Those who arrive on time show that the date is important to them, and that shows respect and appreciation.

What not to do on a first date?

Reaching your hand, your leg or even your face is therefore absolutely taboo on a first date. You say yes and amen to everything. You drink too much alcohol. You are too open. You are dishonest. You dress too sexy. They only talk about themselves.

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