What do you write in a table of contents?

What do you write in a table of contents?

In the table of contents of your term paper, all chapters and sub-chapters as well as the list of figures, tables and references are listed. If you used an affidavit, this will also be listed in the table of contents.

How do I edit a table of contents in Word?

Format the text of your table of contents Go to References> Table of Contents> Insert Table of Contents, select Modify. In the Styles list, click the layer you want to change, and then click Change. More entries …

What are Arabic page numbers?

Word uses Arabic numbers by default. Now jump to the page where you want to use new numbers. For example, if you want to use the new numbering starting on page 2, place your cursor at the end of page 1.

How can you insert different page numbers?

To choose a format or control the starting page number, navigate to Header & Footer> Page Numbers> Format Page Numbers. To change the numbering format, select a different format under Number Format.

When do I use Roman page numbers?

Nowadays the page numbers would even adjust automatically. Nevertheless, even in the academic world, traditional conventions are mostly used. This reads: Roman numerals for the opening credits, Arabic numerals from the first page of text to the end.

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