What do you write in an address?

What do you write in an address?

The sender address must be given on the top left of the envelope. You should position the recipient’s address at the bottom right. the postage stamp or other type of franking will be placed in the upper right corner.

How do I write a postcard to Germany?

Deutsche Post recommends writing in capital letters in the address field. This is the easiest to decipher anywhere in the world – precisely because the postal workers in the holiday country look at the card first. In addition, you should write your own home address somewhere, this is unfortunately often forgotten.

How much do you have to put on a postcard?

From July 1st it will cost ten cents more to send a standard letter with Deutsche Post.

What should a postcard look like?

A postcard has the standard DIN-A6 format and is 10.5 x 14.8 cm in size. Furthermore, a postcard must be at least 1.4 times longer than it is wide. The paper thickness is also regulated: the paper must weigh at least 150 grams per square meter. The upper limit is 500 grams per square meter.

What is the paper thickness of a postcard?

Postcards: For postcards with the typical postcard character, postcard cardboard is suitable, as the front has been treated with dispersion varnish. The back can be written on. Overall, a postcard should have a weight of 250 to 400 g / m².

How much is the postage for a postcard in Germany?

Letter postage and postcard postage in GermanyProduct price in € * WeightPostcard *** 0.60 € Print stamp **** Weight per unit area 150 – 500 g / qmStandard *** 0.80 € Print stamp **** up to 20 gCompact0.95 € Print stamp **** up to 50 g large € 1.55 Print stamp **** up to 500 g 2

What is the aspect ratio of a postcard?

Image formats after 1918 Image format (in × in) Aspect ratio9 × 123½ × 4 2/319 × 133½ × 51.44Postcard1.41410 × 134 × 5,331,3017

What formats are there for photos?

The classic formats that you can choose for your photos have the following dimensions: 9 × 13 cm, 10 × 15 cm, 11 × 17 cm, 13 × 13 × 18 cm, 20 × 20 × 30 cm.

What is 10 by 15 for a format?

Photo format2: 3 (hxw) 3: 4 (hxw) 13 x 13 x 18 cm13 x 17 cm11 x 17 cm11 x 15 cm10 x 15 cm10 x 13 cm9 x 13 cm9 x 12 cm4

Which aspect ratio should I choose?

Note the purpose of the recording with the image format If you want to print out the image immediately, 3: 2 is the format of choice. A good way for those who are undecided is to first take a photo of more space in 4: 3 and then crop the image in 3: 2, maybe even as a square in 1: 1.

Which is better 16 9 or 4 3?

The 4: 3 format is well suited for depicting people and faces. The rather elongated shapes can make optimal use of the height of the screen. In the 16: 9 format, however, individuals quickly appear lost on the wide area. The 16: 9 format does not have this disadvantage.

Which picture format for TV?

Most televisions have an aspect ratio of 16: 9. The aspect ratio or picture format is the ratio between the width and the height of an image.

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