What do you write in an afterword?

What do you write in an afterword?

In the epilogue you do not write about the investigation and your results. An afterword relates only to your own experiences. If you have suggestions for improvement that relate to the investigation, then these should be included in the discussion, not in the epilogue.

What does a closing word include?

As an afterword, defamation, closing speech, closing words or also epilogue (Greek επίλογος epílogos, with epi- ‘afterwards, followed up’ and logos ‘the word’) are the closing remarks at the end of a literary or rhetorical work. The epilogue can also appear at the end of a single chapter.

How do you write a closing note?

So that you can write the conclusion of the term paper, the introduction and the main part of the term paper should first be finished. In the final part, the initial problem / question is taken up again and answered on the basis of the content developed in the main part.

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