What do you write in an application if you are still employed?

What do you write in an application if you are still employed?

In the subject you could write: With the request for confidentiality: My application as … And in the final sentence you can go into the problem in more detail: Since I am currently in an employment relationship that has not been terminated, I ask you to treat this application confidentially.

What are blocking notes in an application?

A blocking note is a brief note in the application letter that the documents should be treated confidentially. This is to ensure that your current employer does not find out about your application to another company.

What does keep confidential mean?

Confidentiality is the property of a message that it is only intended for a limited group of recipients. Distribution and publication are not permitted. Confidentiality is protected by legal norms, it can also be promoted or enforced by technical means.

How do you specify the salary expectations?

Ideally, you get to the heart of your salary expectations. Formulated it could look like this: My gross salary is 35,000 euros per year. In line with my professional qualifications, I consider a salary of 35,000 euros to be appropriate.

When do you need a blocking notice?

A blocking notice or a confidentiality declaration is necessary for your bachelor thesis if you are writing it in cooperation with a company. With this, the publication of your bachelor thesis is forbidden for a set period of time, usually two, three or five years.

When do I need a blocking notice?

Since you work with confidential company data as part of your thesis, such a blocking notice is necessary in the bachelor thesis. It is understandable that a company does not want unauthorized persons, e.g. B. Competitors can see sensitive data.

Will the bachelor thesis be published?

Publication of academic papers Unlike dissertations, theses are not required to be published. As soon as the diploma is available, every graduate has the right to publish his work. Every graduate has the right to publish his thesis.

Is a bachelor thesis public?

Because if the bachelor thesis is not publicly accessible, the examiners will not be able to understand later to what extent the work was cited correctly. If students want to quote a bachelor thesis, they should only do so in exceptional cases and if the work is very publicly accessible.

Are all bachelor theses checked for plagiarism?

You can avoid plagiarism by quoting all sources used correctly and not mistaking the ideas of others as your own. Many universities check their theses for plagiarism using plagiarism software.

Are all bachelor theses saved?

However, with some providers your work is stored in a local database. This is especially problematic if your university uses the same plagiarism software, because then your bachelor thesis will be read out again from the database and possibly recognized as plagiarism itself.

Are all term papers checked for plagiarism?

The literal and meaningful matches of your bachelor thesis with other works are then displayed in percentages by the plagiarism software. This checks whether it is plagiarism, documented text passages or coincidences.

How is a bachelor thesis examined?

Basically, the grade of the bachelor thesis is based on the assessment of two examiners: The first examiner is usually the supervisor. He awards the first grade. Most universities have a second examiner. The second examiner also awards a grade.

How do you check for plagiarism?

There is special plagiarism software to recognize plagiarism and to ban it from the thesis. For this you have to upload the text – regardless of whether it is a seminar paper, bachelor thesis and master thesis, dissertation or a scientific essay such as B. is an essay.

Who checks plagiarism?

the examination / doctoral or habilitation committee examines the documents of the procedure (accusation, opinion, work). If text passages (or entire works) are copied from other authors in written work without this being indicated, this is plagiarism.

How is a bachelor thesis corrected?

A bachelor thesis is assessed by a first reviewer (usually the student’s supervisor) and a second reviewer (also from the department). Both correctors have an equal influence on the assessment, because the final grade results from the mean of their individual grades.

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