What do you write in an online application?

What do you write in an online application?

We recommend uploading the cover letter, curriculum vitae and the last two job references and the certificate of the highest educational qualification and, for young professionals, the highest school qualification as an attachment to the online application.

What do I write in the case of a blind application?

Structure of the blind application: Content & examples Sender (name, address, contact) Recipient (company, address) Date (right) Meaningful subject. Salutation (Dear Sir or Madam) Entry with qualifications. Motivation. Relation to the company.

When do companies hire?

The months of September, October and November are a good time to set up a new business. Info: The job exchange Joblift found out in a study that November is particularly promising if you are looking for a new job.

In which month are there the most vacancies?

The chances are particularly good in November: According to the job lift analysis, November, together with January and February, is one of the months with the best application chances.

How early do I have to apply?

Basically, there is no such thing as the perfect time. It is always worth sending an application! The need for new staff is great in small, medium-sized and large companies thanks to the good economic situation. This shows you are interested in the company, and it pays off.

When is the right time to cancel?

look like this: “Both parties can terminate the contract four weeks to the end of the month. “Different deadlines are often given for employees and employers. Therefore read carefully and give notice a few days earlier than necessary.

Is it better to quit or be terminated?

In fact, it makes little sense to give notice to the employer if you already have a new job up your sleeve. In this case, it is better to cancel yourself and pay attention to the relevant notice periods. And a termination always looks a bit like failure and culpable behavior.

How do I properly terminate an employee?

E-mail or fax are not sufficient either, the cancellation must always be made in writing on paper. The employer must also always sign the notice of termination – under the text, personally and in full.

How often should you change jobs?

Munich headhunter Christian Pape recommends that candidates look for a new job every three years. Change jobs around 13 times in your professional life – is that the future on the job market? Frequent job changes can be good for your career. As long as it is reasonably justified.

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