What do you write in the conclusion?

What do you write in the conclusion?

In your conclusion, you sum up your work. You should summarize your key statements and results concisely. In conclusion, you should by no means introduce new aspects of your topic. Avoid quotations here too, because you are presenting your own research results here!

How do you write a good reason?

Justify opinions In a justifying letter, i.e. a statement, you give your opinion (your own point of view) on a topic (issue) in writing. It is important that other people understand your point of view. But how can others best understand your opinion?

What is the best way to start an opinion?

In the introduction to the statement, you describe what you are saying. Introduce briefly by writing briefly what your opinion is. Example: In our school there is a consideration to make helmets compulsory for cyclists on the way to school.

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