What do you write in the CV under knowledge and skills?

What do you write in the CV under knowledge and skills?

Arrangement of skills in the CV Present your knowledge and skills on the CV according to personal data, work experience and educational background. Break down the skills into different areas such as computer skills, language skills and other skills. Employers don’t want to see long lists.

What are special knowledge and skills?

Driver’s license and special skills If the job advertisement requires specific skills, you should definitely mention them (if you have them). This can be, for example, a driver’s license, which is required for driver jobs. Or specific skills in handling machines.

What are good communication skills?

Communicative competence includes knowledge of important communication concepts and models, but also mastery of specific communication techniques. In terms of communicative competence, however, not only the ability, but also the willingness or will to communicate plays a significant role.

What are cognitive and communication skills?

In the second of the six modules, the cognitive and communicative skills of the person count. The cognitive functions include, for example, recognition, orientation and decision-making. In terms of communication skills, listening, speaking and speaking skills are examined.

What are communicative strategies?

Communicative strategies are directly linked to the linguistic activities of reception, production, interaction and language mediation. Factors that help determine the use of communicative strategies include: linguistic knowledge and ability.

What can I do to improve my communication?

10 Tips for Better CommunicationListen. Learn to read the non-verbal messages that your conversation partner sends out, for example through gestures or facial expressions. Don’t just concentrate on what the other person is saying.

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