What do you write in the event of a rejection?

What do you write in the event of a rejection?

Thank you letter after rejection: Sample Hello Mr. / Ms. surname, I very much regret your rejection. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for your time and the interesting conversation. Especially your dealings with [bestimmte Herangehensweise an Tätigkeiten, die im Gespräch besprochen wurde] impressed me.

When is an application process completed?

Complete the application process. At the end of the application process there is a decision on all applications. Whoever best meets the requirements of the job gets the job. A benefit analysis or decision matrix is ​​helpful here.

How does the application process work?

This is how the application process works The application (for an advertised position or as an unsolicited application) arrives, online or by post. A confirmation of receipt will be sent. This usually only takes a few minutes per application.

When will you be accepted for studies in 2020?

Apart from 2020, the standard applies that the application deadline is usually July 15 for the winter semester (there are, however, various exceptions) and January 15 for the summer semester.

When do I get the confirmation from the university?

When will the notifications of admission be sent? The first notifications of admission will be sent out from mid-January for the summer semester and around the beginning of August for the winter semester. Then the rejection notices will be sent.

When will I get a notification from hochschulstart?

Hochschulstart will send the admission and rejection notices to applicants in several stages from August 10th. The final notices will be sent on September 24th.

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