What do you write in the methods part?

What do you write in the methods part?

The method part only occurs in the structure of a scientific work if you work empirically. This can be, for example, a survey, a content analysis or an experiment. In all cases, the method part serves to ensure the intersubjective verifiability of your investigation.

Is ghost writing legal?

Is academic ghostwriting punishable by law? This also applies to academic ghostwriting. According to this, the creation of preliminary studies, exposés or templates for scientific work is just as legal as writing specialist books or similar.

How do I find the right ghostwriter >?

You can often find a lot on the Internet: on the homepage or in the blog. But good ghostwriters can adapt the tonality of your client.

What is a Ghost Writer?

A ghostwriter (literally: spirit writer), also contract writer, is an author who writes in the name and on behalf of another person.

How much does it cost to have an eBook written?

As a rule, however, you pay 20 euros and more for a full page of text. If you assume a price of only 15 euros per DIN A4 page and you want an e-book with a volume of 100 pages, you pay 1500 euros just for the text creation. And that’s already a very good price!

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