What do you write on a bucket list?

What do you write on a bucket list?

The term bucket list actually comes from the English phrase kick the bucket, which means something like throwing down the spoon. Bucket list is therefore often translated into German as spoon list.

Why do you say bucket list?

The expression Bucket List is English and comes from the movie The Bucket List. The film title Bucket List is derived from the English phrase Kick the Bucket. Kick the bucket is equivalent to the German phrase give up the spoon and means someone dies or must die.

What is the bucket list?

Bucket list stands for: a list of things that you would like to do or achieve in the rest of your life.

What should you definitely try?

The Big Bucket List 256 must-do thingsApply to Who Wants To Be A MillionaireTravel soloTry tofuGet a tattooRun a marathonWatch the classic CasablancaHit an ice cream parlor in the middle of DecemberWith dolphins swim.More entries…•

What should you have done in life?

99 ultimate things you should have done in lifeChoose the title for your own biography.Be able to speak along in your favorite film.Catch a fish and cook it yourself.Sleep under the open sky.Write a poem.Bake bread with your own hands.

What do you absolutely have to experience?

My 100 Must Dos in LifeSwim with Dolphins. Snorkel among coral reefs. Bathing in the sea at night under the moonlight.Seeing an elephant in its natural environment.Taking a sightseeing tour in your hometown.Bathing under a waterfall.Seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

What should you have done before 50?

Real Men What a man should have done before his 50th birthday1/10. Conceive at least one child. 2 / 10. Plant a tree. 3 / 10. Tell the boss what you think. 4/10. Get through a fight. 5/10. Run a marathon. 6 / 10. Climb a mountain. 7/10. Flip over the strands once fully. 8/10

What must couples have done?

List: A bike ride together. Attend a dance class near you. Go camping together. Lying together under the starry sky and talking. A long walk (e.g. by the sea) Visiting a festival together. A kiss in the rain.

What do you have to do at 40?

Bucket List: 10 Things You Must Have Done in the ’30sFind your signature style. Create a feel-good home. Throw a dinner party. Be most important to yourself. Change your hair color. Work in your dream job. Get yourself an expensive designer bag. You dare!

What should you be doing by the time you’re 20?

20 Things Every Woman Should Do In Her 20s Being Alone Experiment with jobs. Fall in love all over again every month. do things that scare you. hear your inner voice. make things up to yourself. Try all hairstyle trends. Ending a relationship because you’re not getting what you want.

What crazy things can you do?

101 Crazy Bucket List Ideas You Must Have DoneDive in a cage with sharks.Do a bungee jump.Jump off a cliff.Climb a volcano.Bury a time capsule.Sail around the world.Zorbing.Climb an iceberg.

What cool things can you do?

Here you will find leisure activities that are fun together – there is something for every weather! Playing billiards. Kayaking. Christmas market/city festivals/open airs. (Open air) cinema. Picnic or at home)

What can I do with my best friend?

What to do with your best friend – the ultimate list Visit an exhibition. Drive to a drive-in cinema. Bake together. Play badminton. Go play beach volleyball. Climb a mountain. Play pool. Visit a botanical garden.

What can you do outside in the garden?

10 simple games for outside in the garden, park and meadow tossing boxes. Box hopping is one of those outdoor games we’ve known since we were kids. slide hills. This game is wonderfully suited for the garden or patio table, because then you save yourself the vacuuming afterwards. pinchball. balloonade. eagle eye. tree change. treasure hunt. chocolate candy.

What can you do outside when the weather is nice?

What can I do when the weather is nice?Tip: A hike with a picnic. Tip for leisure activities: Go on a bike or canoe tour. Tip for leisure activities: play mini golf. Tip: play table tennis with friends. Leisure tip: grilling outdoors. Tip: Play Frisbee, badminton or boccia.

What can I do with a friend outside?

What to do with friends?Botanical Garden. In the greenhouses of the botanical garden, tropical plants, colorful blossoms and a warm summer climate will put you in a holiday mood. escape games. Cooking evening with friends. Do sports with friends. Earn money. Crepe night. Photo shooting. Watch a good movie.

What can you do with your friend outside?

Things to do with friends: from sporty to romanticclimbing (climbing hall/high ropes course/climbing park)swimming (in a swimming pool, in a thermal spa, in a lake)inline skating.volleyball (in a hall or maybe even beach volleyball) skating.

What can you do when you are at home with friends?

A few classic ideas that always work.Cooking with friends (cooking party) This is a classic. movie night. Instead of going to the cinema, you can also enjoy a film comfortably on the couch at home. game night. Play on console. Tapas evening. Sushi evening. Candle light dinner. To take a bath.

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