What does a CV include?

What does a CV include?

The résumé or a CV (curriculum vitae) is at the core of every application … The CV does not include: Name and occupation of parents, information on (spouse) partner, religious affiliation, hobbies without reference to professional activity, party or trade union affiliation. Health status.

What is the abbreviation CV?

CV stands for curriculum vitae – a detailed description of previous professional life. Resumé, on the other hand, comes from the French word resumee and means summary.

Who creates the training plan?

On the basis of the training regulations, the trainer therefore creates an individual company training plan that is tailored to the specific circumstances in the company. The individual company training plan defines the factual and temporal structure of the training for the respective company.

What are learning fields in the vocational school?

A learning field is a didactic-curricular organizational unit in vocational school teaching. According to a decision of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK), all newly organized training occupations have been designed according to the learning field concept since 1996. The learning fields are derived from professional fields of action.

What is a learning situation?

Definition. Learning situations reconstruct professional or technical contexts. They represent the learning context in which it is about the exemplary action situation to be worked on in an application context. In the learning and working process, the learning situation is realized as a complete action.

Who makes the training ordinance?

Such a training regulation is issued for every state-recognized training occupation. The development of the training regulations is the responsibility of the Federal Institute for Vocational Training.

What are the requirements for a company training plan?

The company training plan is based on the respective training regulations and the training framework plan … It takes into account: company conditions, previous training of the trainees, training resources, additional courses, probationary period, vacation and exams.

Is a company training plan compulsory?

Duty to compile and enclose. The company training plan not only simplifies the implementation of targeted training, it is also mandatory. As a rule, it should be submitted to the responsible chamber and enclosed with the training contract.

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