What does a factual analysis have to include?

What does a factual analysis have to include?

The factual text analysis is a form of text analysis …. The introductionTitle.Name of the author.Year of publication.Type of text.Topic of the factual text (in 1 or 2 sentences) (chronological order of the factual text) (summary of the core statement)

What is an epic text?

The term epic, from which epic is derived, was originally a name for the art of the epic. It is this narration that separates the term from drama and lyric poetry. If a text is epic, it tells and reports to the reader in detail about an action that is mostly in the past.

What is an interpretative statement?

what is the difference between interpretive statements and stylistic. You can find meaningful statements in texts. Basically, they are statements and judgments.

Which types of text belong to the epic?

Epic – text types Greek anecdote anékdoton = not published. Latin fabula = story / story. Short story. Narrative with a relatively short storyline that starts right in the middle of the action. Fairy tale mhd. Maere = report / customer. Novella lat. Novus, it. Greek parabola parabolē = comparison. Parody Greek Roman French

Which lyrical forms are there?

A distinction is traditionally made between the poem forms: ballad, folk song, ode, elegy and hymn. However, the poets are free to mix the elements and blow up the forms.

What are Epic Lyric and Dramatic Elements?

A characteristic of the ballad is that it combines three elements: Epic: Ballads tell a story in which characters participate. Drama: Ballads tell dramatic stories with an introduction, an exciting main part and a turning point that introduces the end of the ballad.

Which text forms are counted among the epic large forms?

Which text forms are counted among the epic large forms? Novel, epic • Which epic small forms can you see in the graphic? Fairy tale, short story, calendar story, saga, legend, anecdote, fable, story, novella • Which types of text are already very old, which are relatively young?

What is part of the epic?

Along with lyric poetry and drama, epic is one of the three great genres of literature and includes narrative literature in verse or prose form. The epic is a collective name for any kind of narrative poetry; this is often referred to as narrative poetry.

What is epic?

The epic (ancient Greek ἔπος “word, verse”, then also “the story, the poem”; Pl .: epics), out of date the epopoeia (from ἐποποιΐα epopoiïa “the creation of verse”), is a main form in antiquity alongside drama and lyric poetry the seal. Narrative poetry is summarized under the term epic.

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