What does a ghostwriter cost for a bachelor thesis?

What does a ghostwriter cost for a bachelor thesis?

For comparison: The costs for a 40-page bachelor thesis are between approx. 2890 euros and 3200 euros (with empirical data). For a housework, however, you only have to pay 740 to 900 euros.

How much time for master’s thesis?

Then your working hours will of course be extended. As a rule of thumb, around six months or a full semester apply to the preparation of the master’s thesis. You should plan around six to eight weeks for just writing your master’s thesis after the practical part.

What happens if you don’t hand in the bachelor thesis on time?

If the bachelor thesis is not passed a second time, the course is considered not passed and you will be de-registered. In most cases, this means that you will no longer be able to study your subject at any German university.

Can you withdraw from the bachelor thesis?

The topic of the Bachelor or Master thesis can be returned once and only within 1 week of the start of the processing time. The return of the topic must be communicated to the Central Examination Office in writing and no later than one week after the start of the processing time, not by email.

How often can you fail the Bachelor’s degree?

Seminar exams may be repeated once or twice, depending on the course. The bachelor’s and master’s thesis can only be repeated once. Ungraded coursework can be repeated as often as you like.

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