What does a good bibliography look like?

What does a good bibliography look like?

The following components and the following sequence must be observed in a bibliography: Author/authors or editors.Title (book title)Subtitle.Volume information or edition (exception: 1st edition)Place of publication.Publisher.Year of publication.

How to quote without page number?

No page number when quoting Internet sources often do not have a page number. If the source has chapters or numbered sections, these are given instead of page numbers. In German, the abbreviations ‘Kap.

What is a chapter in the Bible?

A Bible verse is the smallest unit of text in the Bible. Each chapter is divided into 26 verses on average. Its primary purpose is to provide a way to point out specific statements in the Bible and to enable readers to easily locate those statements.

What does the word footnote mean?

A footnote is a note that is removed from the running text in the print layout in order to make the text more easily legible. A footnote is a “note, legend, comment, reference to source or further explanation of a text or image”.

What goes in the footnote?

Quote and footnote are always on the same page of your bachelor thesis. The footnote then contains the source of the quote. In addition, footnotes can also be used to accommodate comments on the text.

What do you put in the footnote?

With the German citation method, the source is not given in the text, but in the footnote. A literal or analogous citation is followed by a superscript numbering each reference consecutively. The corresponding source for each number can be found in the footnotes.

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