What does a good discussion look like?

What does a good discussion look like?

A discussion is the argumentative confrontation with a certain topic. Here you illuminate different views and finally underline your own views with arguments.

How do you write an argument in English?

Introduction Main part – Arguments – for and against (arguments) Conclusion (conclusion)

What is a synthesis simply explained?

In chemistry, synthesis refers to a process with which a compound is made from elements or a complex compound is made from more simply built compounds.

What is a synthesis and what is an analysis?

An analysis (from the Greek ἀνάλυσις análysis “resolution”) is a systematic investigation in which the examined object is broken down into its components. The opposite term to analysis (“dissolving into individual components”) is synthesis (“combining elements into a system”).

What is a dialectical discussion?

In dialectical discussion one argues in two directions. So you are looking for a pro and a contra thesis for a given issue. Example: Separate physical education for boys and girls?

What is contra giving?

to stand against it to stand up to (someone) to stand up to (someone) to stand up to (someone) to counter

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