What does a marine biologist do?What does a marine biologist do?

What does a marine biologist do?

Marine biologists analyze and research structures and processes in animals, plants and microorganisms in maritime habitats. They work in science and teaching, in product development, in environmental protection or as experts.

What do marine researchers do?

You have the opportunity to participate in the construction of manned and unmanned underwater vehicles, to optimize measurement systems and to improve offshore and underwater technologies. Energy production from the sea and environmental technology are also important fields of work.

How much does a Marine Biologist make?

Your salary as a marine biologist (male/female) is €4,120 to €5,410 per month after appropriate training.

What can you study in Germany?

Agricultural and forestry sciences. Social sciences.

What’s cool to study?

Unusual degree courses: What can you study? No business administration, law or German studies – there are also much more exotic degree courses. Here is a selection.Oenology. University: Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences. Applied sexology. University: Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. Frisian philology. Space Masters. religious studies. Byzantism. Modern Japan.

What can you study with Abi?

What can you study? – Departments or subject groups of the coursesAgricultural and forestry sciences.Social and social sciences.Engineering.Art, music and design.Teacher training.Mathematics and natural sciences.Medicine and health sciences.Language and cultural studies.

What can you do after graduation?

What will you do after graduation? Volunteer service: FSJ, FÖJ, BFD & IJFD.Bundeswehr: voluntary military service.Internship – gaining initial experience.Work after graduation.Travel after graduation: work & travel.Learning a language: language courses & language trips .Going abroad as an au pair.

What does my degree bring me?

The benefits of graduating from high school are by no means limited to university entrance. In addition, students who have completed high school are more likely to receive an apprenticeship in many professions and also have a broader and more solid general education.

Can you only study with an Abitur?

You can be admitted to the course without the Abitur if you have vocational training and/or several years of professional experience in a professional field with a technical connection to the field of study. The respective university decides on the individual case whether you can study without the Abitur.

What can I study without a high school diploma with training?

With vocational training and subsequent professional experience, advanced training from a master craftsman or further training to become a specialist (IHK) or state-certified business economist, you can study without a high school diploma.

Can you study architecture without a high school diploma?

In addition, you must have a university entrance qualification (general higher education entrance qualification, technical college entrance qualification or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification) to study architecture. However, it is also possible to study architecture without taking the Abitur if you have the appropriate professional qualifications and work experience.

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