What does a media and information services specialist do?

What does a media and information services specialist do?

Specialists for media and information services…search for and buy media (e.g. specialist newspapers, books, videos), information and data (from statistics, databases, archives and electronic data carriers) and filter out the data that is important for their work.Data carriers for the information required.More entries…

How much does a Librarian make?

Librarian salaries in Germany The salary range for a librarian is between €35,100 and €49,400.

How much does a librarian earn?

Salary differences for librarians by federal state It is different in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia, where the salary for a young professional is around 29,000 euros and a qualified librarian can earn up to 65,000 euros a year.

What does a qualified librarian do?

In order to advise library users and to procure books, magazines, CD-ROMs, DVDs and online media, research is carried out in the alphabetical catalogue, in library databases or on the intranet and internet.

How much does a Thalia make?

Thalia salaries €1,542/month €11/hour €1,595/month €3,157/month

How much does a professional proofreading cost?

An average price for editing is 6 to 7 euros per standard page. So that you can estimate what a professional editor would cost you, you have to convert the number of characters in your book to standard pages. A classic standard page consists of 1800 characters with spaces.

Is proofreading allowed?

Yes, editing & proofreading bachelor theses, master theses or dissertations is legal. Proofreading is permitted as long as nothing is changed in the content or performance of the academic work and only the following points are taken into account: Linguistic errors and typographical errors.

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