What does a moderator earn on Sat 1 breakfast television?

What does a moderator earn on Sat 1 breakfast television?

TV presenter salary RegionQ1Germany:3,267 4,008 Baden-Württemberg4,022 4,857 Bavaria3,555 4,056 Berlin2,995 3,673 13 more rows

How much does a sports reporter earn on TV?

Normal editors earn between 35 euros a month on ARD. The 21 ARD sports moderators received a total of 1.88 million euros in the 2015/16 season, which is 94,000 euros per person.

How much does a newsreader at RTL earn?

According to “Glassdoor”, the salaries at NDR are similar to what moderators earn. RTL employees stated that they earn between 52,000 and 142,000 euros a year.

How much does Judith Rakers make?

In other words: Judith Rakers, Jan Hofer and Co. do not receive a fixed monthly salary, but are paid according to the number of their assignments per month for the respective daily news program. And that’s 259.89 euros per episode for the main edition.

How much do you earn on the Tagesschau?

The highest fee is for the 8 p.m. show: “It’s around 260 euros”. However, the other programs would be paid less. That’s why it could be that you get a fee of only 300 euros for six hours of work.7 days ago

How much does a national coach earn?

Net worth of Joachim “Jogi” Löw 2020 Löw is currently under contract as the German national soccer coach with the DFB and is expected to earn 3.8 million euros a year there.

How much does Mourinho earn?

According to English media reports, he should earn around 15 million pounds a year at Spurs (equivalent to around 17.5 million euros). Only ManCity coach Pep Guardiola should earn better in the Premier League.

How much does a ship captain earn?

The salary for a captain at a large cruise operator such as Tui Cruises is estimated by at 8,000 to 11,000 euros gross per month. Also read: Visiting the cruise controlists. Backbreaking jobs on cruise ships: “Wages between 3 and 5 US dollars are not uncommon”

How much does a DFB base coach earn?

The DFB base trainer receives a monthly fee of 307 euros for completing a task.

How much does the training to become a football coach cost?

It is the highest coaching license in Germany, the ticket to the professional leagues. And a groundbreaking decision. The course, which is both a burden and a promise, costs around 15,000 euros. Whoever has the license also wants to be on the bench.

What is a fee trainer?

the self-employed tennis, riding, golf and sailing instructor who provides services to other organizations or private customers in this main profession.

How much does a youth soccer coach earn in the Bundesliga?

Youth coaches in the Bundesliga earn an average of around EUR 3,000 gross per month.

How much does a coach earn in the Bundesliga?

This is how much the Bundesliga coaches earn:#Coach salary1Jupp Heynckes9 million euros2Peter Stöger3 million euros3Dieter Hecking2.5 million euros4Ralph Hasenhüttl2 million euros14 •

How much does a sports director earn in the Bundesliga?

As the sports director of a club or association, you can expect a gross starting salary of €2,400-2,900 after completing your bachelor’s degree. Salaries vary greatly depending on the size of the club or association. Sports directors in the Bundesliga are usually the best paid.

How much does Niko Kovac earn?

After all, two native German coaches made it into the top 20 of ‘L’Équipe’. Jürgen Klopp gets 13 million euros at Anfield Road, colleague Niko Kovač, born in Berlin but now with Croatian nationality, “only” 7.5 million euros.

How much does a referee earn per game?

If a FIFA referee officiates at a European Championship (EM), he receives a salary of €10,000 plus a daily allowance of €200. At the last World Cup in Russia in 2018, the basic salary was €57,000. In addition, there was an additional €2,400 per game whistled.

How much does Favre earn?

As the Bild newspaper reports, the listed club alone pays around 4.5 million euros per season to head coach Lucien Favre. His assistant coaches Manfred Stefes and Edin Terzic are paid around 600,000 euros a year.

What do Bundesliga coaches earn in 2019?

Hansi Flick Bayern Munich salary: €5-7 million (source: Vermögensmagazin) Lucien Favre Borussia Dortmund salary: €6 million (source: Sportbuzzer) Julian Nagelsmann RB Leipzig salary: no link. Salary David Wagner Schalke 04: no link.

How much does Nagelsmann earn?

He, too, is a veteran at his club: he has been coaching Manchester United since 1986, and that alone is record-breaking. And his salary has also grown considerably in the meantime: the “Sir” earns 9.4 million euros a year. The Bayern coach led his team to a record autumn championship.

How much does Guardiola earn?

The Spanish football coach is currently under contract with Manchester City in the English Premier League and is said to earn more than 23 million euros a year there.

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