What does a paramedic have to do?

What does a paramedic have to do?

Paramedic: activities and tasks. Paramedics provide first aid and life-saving measures in medical emergencies until the doctor arrives. They also transport sick or injured people to a hospital, for example, under professional care.

What must an emergency paramedic be able to do?

Paramedics carry out first aid medical measures or assist in the emergency and acute medical care of patients. They also ensure the transportability of patients and monitor their medical condition during transport.

Why do you want to become an emergency paramedic?

If you like helping people in difficult situations, the paramedic apprenticeship is just the right thing for you! Here you are not only a lifesaver, but also a consolation donor and helper in need!

What is a paramedic?

Paramedic (from Latin sanitas health) is generally a term for non-medical personnel in the medical/rescue service or military medical services and specifically for a person who has completed medical training.

How much does Paramedic earn?

The starting salary for paramedics is around 25,000 euros per year. Salary increases every two to four years.

What does it take to get a paramedic degree?

You can’t do the training to become an emergency paramedic or paramedic with every school leaving certificate. In order to be admitted to a vocational school, you need at least an intermediate degree. As a rule, you have to prove your health suitability with a medical certificate.

Is it hard to become a paramedic?

The path to becoming a paramedic is not as difficult as one often thinks. The training is divided into a theoretical (100 hours) and a practical part (160 hours). Once the training is complete, nothing stands in the way of volunteering!

How can I become an ambulance driver?

Prerequisite: Drivers in the Red Cross rescue service must have completed at least the theoretical training as a paramedic. The training to become a “safe emergency driver” is structured differently depending on the driver’s assignment.

How much does paramedic training cost?

Depending on the provider, paramedic training costs between 1,000 and 1,500 euros. The aid organization usually bears the training costs for volunteer paramedics if the trained paramedic agrees to work for the corresponding aid organization.

How long does paramedic training take?

Paramedic training includes 100 hours of theoretical training and 160 hours of practical training. Together with the 40-hour vocational module, this represents a separate vocational training and entitles you to work as a paramedic.

Is paramedic an apprenticeship?

Paramedics are not to be confused with emergency paramedics (also referred to as Notsan) or paramedics, because they do not have a recognized training occupation. Rather, each federal state has its own training regulations and regulations.

Is training paid for?

As an apprentice, you will receive remuneration during your training, the so-called training allowance. Similar to the salary, you will also receive a fixed amount per month for your training allowance, after all you are entitled to be paid for your services.

What deductions do trainees have?

In total, social security contributions amount to 40% of your training allowance. You only pay about 20% of this yourself, the rest is covered by your training company. After deducting taxes and social security contributions, you receive the so-called net amount. This is the money that is available to you.

Who pays for what in training?

As a rule, the company that hired you as an apprentice pays your salary. The chambers determine, among other things, the training content and conduct the examinations. But the training allowance is, of course, paid by the training company.

How much money do I get as an apprentice?

Apprentices should receive at least 515 euros per month in the first year of training. The salary for the first year of training will increase by 2023. From 2024, the amount of the minimum training allowance will be adjusted annually to the average development of all training allowances.

How much does a trainee earn at Netto?

In the first year of training as a salesperson, you can expect a gross salary of between 600 and 950 euros per month. In the second year of training you will then earn between 6 euros. Since January 1, 2020, the minimum wage has also applied to all saleswomen during training.

How much holiday pay do you get during training?

(2) The trainee receives an additional holiday allowance of 25% of the holiday pay. The additional vacation pay for one day of vacation is 1.14% of the training allowance on which the calculation of the vacation pay is based.

When can the training allowance be reduced?

In principle, the training allowance may not be reduced! The only permissible exception is the unexcused absence of the trainee during training (company, school, inter-company apprenticeship training).

Can the employer simply cut wages?

In principle, wages may not be reduced. The employee works, the employer pays him wages. In principle, the employee only owes a mere action, but not a specific result. In principle, a salary reduction due to poor performance is therefore not possible without further ado.

What is the minimum wage for trainees?

Every trainee who begins their vocational training in Germany then receives at least 515 euros per month in the first year of their apprenticeship. Salary will be adjusted in subsequent years. (More on this: Vocational Training Act: New minimum wage for trainees).

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