What does a Registered Nurse earn?

What does a Registered Nurse earn?

Nursing professionals (with vocational training) After graduation, registered geriatric nurses earn 1,700 – 2,200 euros per month, health and nursing staff are 1,900 – 2,700 euros and health and pediatric nurses even reach 2,200 – 3,200 euros.

How much does a geriatric nurse earn?

There are also regional differences: in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, geriatric nurses earn around 2,800 euros and more, while nurses in Saxony-Anhalt earn less than 2,000 euros on average. According to the verdi trade union, geriatric nurses earn an average of 2,621 euros gross per month.

What is the salary of a geriatric nurse?

As a career starter, you will receive a gross monthly salary of almost 2800 euros in the first year. As your experience increases, so does your salary. With sufficient professional experience, you can earn a gross monthly salary of around 3,300 euros.

How much does a Station Manager make?

At public institutions for the care of the sick, elderly and health care, payment is made in accordance with the public service collective agreement (TVöD). Ward managers earn between 2,738 and 4,376 euros gross per month.

How can I become a station manager?

You can become a ward manager for nursing, geriatric and pediatric nursing through further vocational training. This is regulated in state law and takes place at state-recognized training centers for health and social services. It lasts between one and two years and ends with an examination.

How much does a ward manager in a retirement home earn?

Salary: What does a nursing home manager earn? Your salary as a ward manager for geriatric care (male/female) is €2,430 to €3,940 per month after appropriate training.

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