What does a thesis look like?

What does a thesis look like?

A bachelor thesis has a length of 20-70 pages. As a rule, a bachelor thesis is around 40 pages long. This corresponds to around 10,000 words and thus around 72,000 characters.

What happens after submitting the master’s thesis?

After successfully defending the master’s thesis, you will be presented with the master’s certificate. This usually takes place as part of a graduation ceremony. If there is no corresponding celebration, the certificate and the certificate will be sent to you by post.

How often can you repeat a master’s thesis?

As a rule, the master’s thesis can be repeated twice. You can find deadlines for registration or the involvement of third parties in the relevant examination regulations. Demand the examination results to identify your mistakes and discuss them with your supervisor.

Can you fail the defense?

Failure (almost) impossible It explains why changes or additions to the work are required from time to time as part of the defense of the theses, but failing this oral part is extremely rare.

How long do lecturers have to correct a master’s thesis?

Tobias Rossmann: “’Corrections are usually made within four weeks’ – that is, usually, unless there is an exception – ‘but no later than eight weeks after submission’. That said, this is a must. So the work must be corrected after eight weeks at the latest. “

How long does a professor have to correct an exam?

That promotes bargaining power when the professor suddenly strolls. “From my point of view, the correction time should be four to a maximum of eight weeks,” says Braun.

How long does the evaluation of the bachelor thesis take?

It happens that bachelor theses are graded after a week, other graduates are still waiting for their grade after tens of months. A time anywhere between six and eight weeks is realistic.

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