What does a university certificate do for me?

What does a university certificate do for me?

University certificates play an important role in professional life and at universities. Because these are courses that are held at the level of a university, university certificates are internationally recognized. That is why there is often talk of further academic training.

What is a university certificate?

A certificate is a written and certified confirmation that e.g. B. a course or further training has been successfully completed. So it is kind of a certificate that confirms successful participation.

Is college marketing?

With the advanced training course in Marketing, you study flexibly and acquire practical, compact marketing knowledge. In six months, at university level, you will gain insights into strategic marketing planning, how the various marketing instruments work and the marketing mix.

Is the university recognized?

State recognition and accreditation The IST University of Management is officially approved as a state-recognized university by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. This guarantees the equivalence of degrees with degrees from state universities.

What is tourism marketing?

The primary aim of tourism marketing is to increase the number of arrivals and overnight stays by foreign guests. More modern one also speaks of destination marketing. Tourism marketing cooperates with a large number of partners.

Is de contact?

You can reach the head office in Düsseldorf under the Germany-wide free number – from abroad please dial + 0 (subject to a charge). You can find directions here.

Is it a course of study?

Masters in Prevention, Sports Therapy and Health Management, Masters in Training Science and Sports Nutrition, Dual Masters in Prevention, Sports Therapy and Health Management, Dual Masters in Training Science and Sports Nutrition, Bachelor of Fitness and Health Management, Bachelor of Fitness Science and Fitness Economics.

Is studying for everyone?

The IST University for Management and the IST Study Institute have launched a special program called “Studium für alle”, which gives an insight into the teaching methods and variety of topics at IST.

Does college students mail?

You can reach us by email at During your studies you also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with your lecturers and fellow students via online tutorials and to clarify open questions on most courses.

Is the university a semester ticket?

Unlike face-to-face students, distance students generally do not receive a semester ticket from their university. Other universities that offer distance learning as well as face-to-face courses also offer a low-cost semester ticket for distance students.

Is University of Applied Sciences?

Since the 1990s, universities of applied sciences in the German-speaking area have been allowed to add an English or French suffix to their name, such as University of Applied Sciences. The “universities of applied sciences” thus became “universities of applied sciences (HAW)”.

Is the university an examination board?

(1) An examination board is formed to organize the examinations and the tasks assigned by these examination regulations. The examination board is an independent body of the IST University of Management.

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