What does a warning mean?

What does a warning mean?

With the warning, employers have a means of reacting to gross misconduct by employees or to the fact that they do not change anything about themselves after a warning. A request from the employer to the employee to refrain from this behavior in the future.

How long is a warning valid?

If you have issued a warning to one of your employees, they are entitled to have the warning removed from their personnel file after a certain period of correct behavior (depending on the seriousness of their misconduct). In practice, a warning is usually removed after 1 to 3.5 years.

How long does a memo stay in the personnel file?

In principle, there is no time limit on how long the file note may remain in the personnel file. However, a memorandum (like a warning, by the way) loses its effect over time if the employee is not guilty of anything.

What is a memo?

The file note is a special type of short record. Facts or events that can be very important for the process are briefly documented here. The file note can be intended as a (further) addition to the content of the case folder.

What is kept in the personnel file?

The personnel file also includes all other records and documents that relate to the employment relationship or are related to it. This also includes special and ancillary files kept separately from the personnel files, for example documents from plant security.

Which documents must be in the personnel file?

These things belong, for example, in a personnel file: application documents.Personnel questionnaires and the results of aptitude tests.Employment contract with possible subsequent changes.Documents about professional qualifications.Further training measures and certificates.

What is stored in the personnel file?

What documents are in a personnel file? The personnel file often has the following content: application documents, personnel questionnaires, the employment contract, vacation requests, warnings and termination.

What is in the personnel file?

A personnel file is a folder in which work-related documents of the employee are collected. The documents relate to the employee’s personal and professional circumstances and must be related to the employment relationship. This is regulated in labor law.

What does not belong in the personnel file of civil servants?

Other documents may not be included in the personnel file. Documents that serve special purposes that are objectively separate from the person and the employment relationship, in particular examination, security and child benefit files, are not part of the personnel file.

What papers from the employer after termination?

Employee resigns: Working papers to be handed out Printout of the electronic wage tax certificate (on the official model) Job reference, a qualified reference on request. Vacation certificate for granted or compensated vacation. Completed employment certificate according to § 312 SGB III.

How long must personnel records be kept?

Retention obligation for personnel files The personnel file should be kept for three years after the end of the employment relationship.

How long must a roster be kept?

FAQ Duty rosters In principle, there is no obligation to retain duty rosters. In some cases, however, the law provides for exceptions. A storage obligation results, for example, from the Working Hours Act (ArbZG). According to this, the daily working time may not, as a rule, exceed eight hours.

How long may employee data be stored?

Data relevant to tax law must be stored for at least 6 years. A period of 10 years is prescribed for documents that are relevant to determining the profit of companies. And with data on company pension commitments, it can even be up to 30 years in extreme cases.

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