What does an aerospace engineer do?

What does an aerospace engineer do?

Aerospace engineers are responsible, for example, for the development of new aircraft components or the monitoring of aircraft. Research and development work is also possible at universities. Airlines, airports and aircraft manufacturers are popular employers.

How much does an Aerospace Engineer make?

Workers working in an aerospace engineer job earn an average salary of around 62,200. The upper limit in the space engineer profession is 70,500 . The lower limit, however, at around 53,700.

What does an aeronautical engineer do?

Aerospace engineers design, build, and optimize airplanes, spacecraft, helicopters, and satellites. You can specialize in aerospace research, flight safety or satellite technology, among other things.

What does it take to become an aircraft engineer?

In order to be able to start an engineering bachelor’s degree at a university, you must have your high school diploma. The Fachabitur (including the practical part) is sufficient for studying at a university of applied sciences.

What does it take to become a structural engineer?

If you would like to become a structural engineer, you usually have to have a university entrance qualification in order to be able to start studying at a university or technical college. A high school diploma is required to study at a university, while a technical high school diploma is sufficient for studying at a technical college.

What do you have to do to become a graduate?

The degree Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.) is acquired by studying at a technical university (formerly Technical University) or university, which usually lasts five years. The four-year course at a technical college leads to a degree in engineering (FH).

What subjects do you need to become an engineer?

At the beginning of your studies, you focus on primary fundamentals such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, but also computer science, technical English and business administration. A combination of the disciplines is also conceivable. For example, lectures such as physics for engineers or mathematics for physicists await you.

How much does an engineer with a master’s degree earn?

With a bachelor’s degree, engineers* earn an average annual gross salary of 44,045 euros, master’s graduates start with 46,519 euros gross.

How much can you earn as an engineer?

On average, an engineer earns CHF 7,023 per month. Half of them receive between CHF 5,793 and CHF 8,328 per month.

How much do you earn as an engineer?

An engineer earns 5,580 euros gross per month (Stepstone Salary Report 2018).

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