What does best regards mean?

What does best regards mean?

“Best regards”: An alternative to the “best regards”, albeit a little sloppy. However, this greeting is pretty old hat. Some etiquette professionals also generally advise against saying “Greetings from Berlin / Hamburg / Cologne”, because that means: I’m in the center, you’re off the beaten path.

What does very warm regards mean?

“Greetings” are friendly but still a bit of a wait and see. “Greetings” speak for a very open, enthusiastic heart towards you. “From the heart” or “sincerely” comes very much from within and means that the woman is very taken with you.

What can you write greetings instead of love?

E-mail greetings: What are some? Sincerely. The classic that you can’t go wrong with that much. Regards. Slightly shorter than “Sincerely” but very solid and also widely used. MfG, LG, GLG. Many greetings. Best regards. Warm greetings. Best regards. Sincerely.

How do you end a letter in German?

At the end of the letter there is a polite greeting and signature. If you don’t know the recipient of the letter, use the following greeting formula: Best regards, Yours faithfully, …

How do you end a letter in German?

40 greetings to choose fromWith the best recommendation. With best recommendations. Best regards. Kind regards.

How did you end letters in the past?

In the past, it was said at the end of a letter: “With the expression of my excellent respect”. Today there are sometimes only two words at the end of personal lines: “Best regards”.

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