What does CC mean when writing an email?

What does CC mean when writing an email?

The actual recipient is written in the To field. If you want to send a copy of the email at the same time, use the Cc field. The abbreviation Cc stands for carbon copy and means something like carbon paper copy.

What do you write at CC?

The abbreviation Cc stands for English carbon copy. If you put someone on Cc, they will be visible to all recipients of this email. Then, if Reply All is used, all contacts on Cc will receive this email.

How do I send BCC mails?

With Gmail you can send an e-mail as a blind copy by clicking on Bcc in the To field on the right-hand side and entering the addressees of the blind copy in the Bcc line that appears.

Can I only send a mail to BCC?

In theory, you can leave the “To” field blank and only enter “BCC” recipients. However, it is common to also add a “normal” recipient. If in doubt, simply enter your own e-mail address in the “To” field.

How do I send an email to several people?

With both Outlook and Thunderbird you can send an e-mail to several recipients at the same time by entering several addresses in an address field (To, Cc, Bcc). In Outlook, separate the individual addresses from one another with a semicolon, in Thunderbird with a comma.

How do I send an email to multiple recipients without visibility?

The simplest solution is to address the e-mail to yourself while placing the recipient in the BCC field (blind copy) of the mail program or webmailer. This works for any number of addresses. Recipients then do not see who the letter was addressed to.

How do I make a circular mail?

And a discreet all-round mail can be created very easily. For this purpose, the names of the recipients are not entered in the To or CC field, but instead in the BCC field. If the sender writes the recipient’s email address in the To or CC field, all recipients will see the distribution list.

How do I forward an email?

Forward emails as attachments Open Gmail on the computer. Select the emails you want. Click on the three-dot menu Forward as attachments. Add recipients in the “To” field. Enter a subject, compose your message, click Send below.

How do I forward an email to WhatsApp?

First, open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Tap (and hold) the desired chat in the chat overview and select “Send chat via email” from the pop-up menu. Now you can decide whether the chat should be forwarded with or without media.

How do I forward a Gmail?

To activate Gmail forwarding, you do the following: Log into your Gmail account, if you have not already done so. Click on the gear in the upper right corner and select Settings. Click on the tab Forwarding and POP / IMAP and there on the button Add forwarding address.

How can I automatically forward mails with GMX?

GMX: Set up email redirection – this is how it worksFirst, click on “Settings”. In the “Settings” go to the “Folder” section and then to the “Filter rules”. Then select “Set up new filter rule” and activate the “All new mails” option.

How do you create a distribution list in Outlook?

Creating a Distribution List On the File menu, point to New, click Distribution List. In the Name box, type the name of the distribution list (for example, Political Friends). On the Distribution List tab, click Select Members.

What is a Rundmail?

Circular. A circular is a piece of writing that is sent by post in duplicate to more than one recipient. This means that information can be sent to a group of recipients at the same time.

How many recipients at Web de?

You can create up to 20 distribution lists for each WEB.DE domain. The distribution lists forward e-mails that are sent to the list to previously defined recipients. You can reach up to 25 recipients with just one email.

How many emails can I send per day web de?

You can only receive or send a maximum of 500 emails. That means you can only have 500 in your inbox. Then your limit has been reached. But if you delete them (including the ones in the outbox, the ones sent), simply all of them, then you can send e-mails again and also receive some.

Why can I no longer send emails web de?

E-mails are not sent at – that could be the problem. You can check whether the mail has been sent by looking in the “Sent” folder. Some providers refuse to send the mail if no subject is given. So enter a subject if you haven’t already.

How do I send a group email?

You can write an e-mail to all members of a group… .Groups: Write e-mails to groups Select the desired group from the contact list. Click on the group’s letter icon, write and send the email as usual.

How does the email work?

Your mail user agent will then contact the mail server of your e-mail provider (also called e-mail provider). A mail server has a program that is always online to receive and send e-mails: the Mail Transfer Agent (or Message Transfer Agent or simply called MTA).

Why can I suddenly no longer send emails?

If e-mails cannot be sent via Outlook, Thunderbird or another mail program, there can be many reasons: Server data or access password may be incorrect, network traffic may be blocked, the mail client may be deactivated, and so on.

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