What does Christianity say about marriage?

What does Christianity say about marriage?

Marriage is a sign in which God promises the bride and groom his love and help for their life together. When both partners include God in their life together and express that their love is his gift, then they express: We trust that God will accompany us.

How does a Christian wedding work?

The process of a church wedding is almost the same in a Protestant and Catholic church. At the beginning the pastor warmly welcomes everyone present. After a reading, the first song follows, followed by the reading of the marriage text, the sermon and personal words about the future couple.

Why does marriage exist?

Marriages were a partnership of convenience that served to provide financial security for the wife and children and to ensure that the stupid, sinful women led a decent life under the loving fist of their husbands.

What changes when you’re married

Tax changes. If you get married, you automatically end up in tax class IV. However, there is also the option of changing tax classes once a year on November 30th – for example to combine tax class III and V or tax class IV and IV with a factor.

How much more do you earn when you are married?

The partners’ taxable income is added up and then halved. The tax office calculates the tax on halved income and then doubles it. Example: One spouse earns 30,000 euros a year, the other 10,000 euros. The tax is calculated at 20,000 euros and then doubled: 5,402 euros.

Why is it worth getting married for tax purposes?

Have you invested a lot of money in capital investments but your partner hasn’t? Then a wedding may be worthwhile. Because the saver’s allowance of 801 euros doubles for couples and can then be freely shared. You can also use your partner’s allowance and earn 1,602 euros in interest, dividends, etc.

What changes after a civil marriage?

There are a few formalities that you must also observe in the time after the wedding celebration. If you have changed your name, you must apply to the municipal administration for a new identity card and a new passport with the new name. This is required by law.

What do I have to consider when I get married?

Checklist: 6 to 5 months before the wedding, register your marriage at the registry office. Register a church wedding at the rectory. Determine the location for the wedding celebration. Book catering for the party. Book a photographer and music for the party. Final vote on the guest list. Choose a wedding dress. Adjust cost plan .

What changes financially when you get married?

A marriage can bring up to 10,000 euros more disposable income annually (bmf-steuerrechner.de). Rules. With a marriage contract, for example, couples can deviate from the legal requirements for maintenance obligations in the event of separation and agree on a more equitable compensation for both.

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