What does Christmas mean to people?

What does Christmas mean to people?

For many people, the festival in the cold season is primarily an annual time of gifts and treats: Christmas presents, feasts, Christmas cookies. Christmas actually has its roots in the Christian faith: the birth of Jesus is celebrated.

What does Jesus have to do with Christmas?

In the Germanic religions this date belonged to the “12 holy nights of the solstice”. This is where the German name “Christmas” comes from, derived from “ze wihen near”. The Christians were convinced that Jesus is the “true sun”, which is why this day was set as the date of Christmas.

Did Jesus celebrate Christmas?

In the 19th century, Christians also began to celebrate the birth of Jesus – on December 25th. For a long time it was assumed that a pre-Christian winter solstice festival took place around December 25th and the Roman Christians adopted this.

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