What does cover letter mean in an application?

What does cover letter mean in an application?

The cover letter should be a fixed starter in every serious application. It is the letter in which you apply for a job in a personal, official form – so much more than just a kind of advertised CV.

Who is the contact person for an application?

As a rule, the name of the responsible clerk for personal data appears as the contact person in the job advertisement. In this case, the salutation in the cover letter can and should be personalized: “Dear Ms. Mauss”. This is the most classic and at the same time best variant for applications.

What is the maximum size of an email?

In webmail (Roundcube & Squirrelmail) the attachment size is limited to 90 MB. Please note, however, that most recipients will not be able to deliver messages larger than 25 MB. Note: In some Outlook versions the attachment is limited to 20 MB.

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